There is NO ONE in the History of the United States who has done what they say they would do when getting to the White House; until now. Samm Tittle stands on the ISSUES with SOLUTIONS that will “Save America’s Majesty”. THIS IS IT! If we don’t do it this time; we ALL Democrat, Independents and Republicans know that it is over for this Great United States. It will be too late to bring it back from all the OUT OF CONTROL spending and taxes that America can not sustain. Campaign contenders have come to see what the excitement is about Samm Tittle, then they leave with her ideas. The major problem for them is they may take the words; but they do not have the mechanics to do the job. Politicians won’t solve the problems that they have been unable or unwilling to do. Samm on the other hand can and will by going to the “Shining City on the Hill” to clean out the mess; this time making it a reality for and in the best interest of this Great Nation. How? With expertise, hands on experience, love of this Great Country and your help! Get to work now!

The order of these issues are not necessarily in the order of importance, because all these issues are important to every citizen. As you go through them you will see quite a significant difference because of the current Administration’s Ideology on the issues.

Pro-Life is my position because I believe that a child is conceived; “Long before it is knit in it’s mother’s womb”. As for those women who choose to do with their bodies what they choose to do; we must respect that; for they are the ultimate person who must answer to their own conscience and belief. This is why as a conscientious country we must teach our children abstinence, then they will teach theirs. They will understand the incredible, long term responsibility; if as a parent we explain the importance of “the responsible age. What everyone should know is that “as President of the United States” the President is to uphold “preserve protect & defend” all Citizen’s Rights. Where we have gone wrong is that we forget that each person, every human being should have their Sovereignty. That belongs to each one of us. “Sovereignty” comes from God of which no one can take it or control it.

America can be great again when we return to the principles of the founding fathers, their beliefs in God, constitutional government and traditional morality. God did shed his grace on America; however, unscrupulous politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, abortionists, bankers, predatory lenders, financial high rollers, secular humanists and greedy political bottom-feeders have nearly destroyed the land of the free and home of the brave.

America First
We must make America 1st again. We must be number one as “We the People” deeply desire to be. We are not the world’s 911. The people of this country come first. America’s problems must be addressed first. We need a foreign policy based on common sense. We need to cut foreign aid by at least 75%. We cannot buy friends.

Big Business
Big Business gets bailed out while average citizens are forced to endure the embarrassment of bankruptcy. This is not right! No special privileges even for Big Business. It is time for the Federal Government to lead the way to fiscal sanity instead of contributing to the chaos. It is time for tougher federal regulations on credit bureaus so average citizens can and will be protected from unscrupulous collection agencies and predatory lenders.

Big Government
Big government does not care about middle class values. The Great Middle Class must have a voice. I will speak up for the forgotten citizens.

The barber, beautician, cab driver, janitor, small business owner, bus driver, factory worker, farmer, grocery store clerk, bookkeeper, nurses, doctors, fireman, policeman, etc. You are the people who have made America great and you have been treated like stepchildren. Your values, your work ethic will lead us forward to the shining city on the hill. “Government must work for you. You do not work for the Government.”

Border Security
This issue is not so hard to understand. You have heard this many times that “people are struggling to get in to the United States, but there is no one struggling to get out.” Border Security is the backbone of our Freedoms and Liberty and it is quite simple to see our United States as one big house. That is to outsiders and liberal minded “with no thought of who’s going to pay for it” people. After awhile, those who come in with no intention of assimilating into our Laws, ethics, principles, standards, building a strong clean and fully cooperative house miss the purpose of a Free people. Every American realizes that “Press 1” for English should not be for any other language. We must realize that doing this to our own citizens is financially impossible. You can imagine how many numbers we would have to press to get past all the different languages. Border Security means a safe and protected People. It must be the belief that every person living in America is responsible to help in the advancement of this Great Nation. We must believe in the safety in our home. When legal documented immigrants come into America’s house, it must be with the respect of America’s Founding Father’s principles. It must be under One Constitution of the United States. This insures everyone will live freely day after day under the same rules. No, you can’t just come across our Borders without checking in, for those that do, take the freedoms away from those who were born or legally immigrated into our Laws. Secured borders means everything to the citizens of the United States. This is what your Department of Immigration must be, while following all laws and constraints; and when this is happening there are few problems for everyone.

The Borders
If we cannot safeguard our borders, how can we safeguard our country. We must get tough on illegal immigration. Illegal means illegal and that means against the law. No amnesty for illegal aliens, we can not do this to ourselves. Our friends must be legally documentend with the intention of assimilating into our United States Constitution, never thinking you can come in and literally try to change it. It has worked for well over 233 years. If you break the law, you pay.

Constitutional Money
We must return to Constitutional money. We must abolish the Federal Reserve and give back to Congress the authority to issue and coin money. The Federal Reserve has caused Americans nothing but inflation, high interest rates, and higher prices. It has made money from blood-sucking money lenders . It is time to end this practice.

Civil Rights
Favor equal rights for all, special privileges for none. Each individual should be judged on his own merits and abilities. I oppose affirmative action, quotas, and other special rights. You cannot hold one person up by tearing down another.

Education is a local and state matter. The federal government has no constitutional role in the field of education. Accordingly, as President I would favor the abolishment of the Department of Education. It is time for the states and local governments to run their own educational institutions.

The Electoral College
Our forefathers wisely instituted the electoral college as a weeding out process to keep us building a stronger, more effective political selection system. We must preserve the Electoral College so that all states have an equal voice in the selection of the President of the United States.

Energy in America is very important to the life, liberty and happiness of it’s citizens. Although the price of Gas today, every one in this Great Nation knows that without it, our industry and way of life comes to a halt. The future oil drilling along with coal, windmills, nuclear, electrical, mechanical, radiant, chemical, and thermal energies is a necessity of life, plain and simple. However because of Politics, the price of energy rises and falls failing the United States. Those that would have you believe that drilling for oil or producing energy for ourselves in the United States would cause us to find ourselves without energy is not telling you the truth. They are telling you that they choose to manipulate the system, in order to advance their own cause, not that of the American people. Otherwise the absolute genius of the American people would be let loose to create the entrepreneur and creations of jobs within the confines of our own production of energies.
We won’t be dependent on other countries for our prosperity, and we would still have enough to sell to other countries through our competitive nature.

Smaller Government is imperative to the safety and security with the greatest regard on our Liberty and Freedoms. Having a smaller government is the only way this Country will get back on track. The ONLY way ! The Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing, in giving the responsibility to the States. The government basically is like a Corporation who has the explicit duty to have an Organizational Structure with the States and people put in place that make the operation of both the State and Federal Government more effective. Sure the states will answer to the Federal Government, but each state will answer to it’s citizens. Those citizens are not subjects, they are participants in the prosperity of this Great Nation, and contributing to its well-being as described in our Constitution is the right thing to do.

Gun Control
The United States Constitution, Amendment 2 – Right to Bear Arms. Ratified on 12/15/1791
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
The United States is a sovereign nation. No city, state, sovereign nation, government, corporation, or international organization shall infringe on the right of the people of the United States to keep and bear arms. Tragic gun related deaths have been the result of accidents and criminal activity. Tragic automobile related deaths have been the result of accidents and criminal activity. I will not infringe on the rights of the people due to the use of an inanimate object be it a firearm, automobile, knife, baseball bat, or any other object.

My Philosophy about Gun Control is a common sense approach which the Founding Fathers most probably contemplated. “A criminal entering your home, your place of safety and retreat, may or may not know you have a weapon to protect and defend you and your family’s life, property and liberty; however they know without any doubt that you own your “unalienable” 2nd Amendment Rights.”

The United States National Health Care Act commonly called by Democrats “The “Affordable Healthcare Act” was forced onto the Citizens of the United States turning out to be the most “unaffordable act” that would profoundly paralyze the United States. It is absolutely too expensive and it doesn’t take a scholar to understand that “someone must pay for it”. Immediately into office it is important for every Citizen to understand that “repealing” the controversial Obama Bill is obvious to get America back on to solid ground. Although it is important for every Citizen to have health insurance, this is not a right. Making it a right would force others to pay for this, paying for others; even when they can’t afford to pay for it for themselves. Opening up the Free Market in the Insurance industry promises to solve the problem across every level of Society. It forces every citizen to be aware that it is their responsibility, both financially and responsibly to insure that they are not taking advantage of those who would help. The Insurance like all our American Products must be marketed at competitive pricing for everyone to afford. It is crucial that every citizen living in the United States do their part to uphold a strong standard of living for themselves which is help for each other. This Candidate is 100% committed to the prosperity of every Citizen and their understanding that it is all of our responsibility to do our part. Then you can afford to buy insurance at competitive rates.

Illegal Foreign Nationals
This is an absolute troublesome issue that has taken over the freedoms of Citizens of the United States. If people come across our Borders illegally, currently they are not held accountable for contributing to the welfare and well being of all our Citizens. This is of grave danger to the United States because of the hidden pockets of people who don’t have our best interest at heart within our society. This is why we have an Immigration Department, so that we are aware of those who come into the United States, follow through with their assimilation into our Constitution of Laws and work toward being upstanding good citizens. This is good for everyone, in order to maintain the Freedoms for all. The controversy and the embarrassment of our government to “look the other way” or “make excuses for why they are here” comes to an end. Those that would follow through to learning and understanding the greatness and the effectiveness of “We the People” working together, pledge their allegiance to the United States Flag. They uphold the laws or else, our Judicial systems upholds the laws for them. Simple as that !

A major problem in the United States that must be corrected immediately, however, not by amnesty because we would find ourselves in the same position we found ourselves in when President Ronald Reagan decided that might be a solution to a serious over populated uncontrolled problem back then. You see today that amnesty from back then has created more problems today. People in other countries feeling that they can have a better life making a better living, but not going through the documentation processes, just makes for problems for everyone. More family members of the ones that had been given amnesty came through, possibly for visits without going through Custom’s Identification and Documenting processing. They stayed, they had children and still living here, sometimes illegally. People who are trying to get into the United States have this attitude: “If we make it across without being caught, or punished; it’s worth the try”. No more. For security purposes, this can be no more. America can not afford this. It causes Schools to have higher numbers of students whose parents don’t pay taxes, yet we find ourselves hiring more teachers to try to fill those needs. When people who believe they are immigrating come into this country without proper documentation and do not assimilate; they use Social programs or services they can not pay for; which causes major problems because they do not contribute to the economy. They may not be able to find jobs causing financial problems by not paying taxes toward the thriving economy as a whole.

“A Country without Jobs is a country without Freedom” is my philosophy which will catch on like wildfire in an uncontrolled forest called America. JOBS being the fire which is the beginning of the rest of the growth in a Great Nation who leads the World comes with a price; people must work! We appear to have forgotten this measure, which is the reason why so many people struggle to get to the United States of America. “It’s about Jobs and our Free Markets.” JOBS are the ways and means to a “people’s future and well being.” Today we have 47% of the people who do not pay income taxes for several reasons. Some just do not feel they should work because they have an entitlement mentality, and some are on entitlements that should be; for individual reconciled reasons with constraints. The Obama Administration believes creating 600,000 more government jobs is creating jobs. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We don’t need one more government job; we need to make sure that the jobs government workers do are more efficient. We must understand that the Private Sector creates jobs not the government. That is why a Free Market Enterprise must be understood, then enhanced.

One Man to One Woman.

Military & Defense
“The best defense is the best offense”, which has worked well for the United States since it’s inception. “We the People” know that without a strong defense, the enduring life of this Country would be denied, taken over, die. “We the People” are not one who go and incite wars, battles and fights; however we will defend ourselves from all enemies foreign and domestic. Up to this day we have had to defend our positions in other countries that many citizens do not understand, nor do they like. However if while you sleep knowing that you have a strong military at your guard, on the wall for you; you have the advantage of your liberty and freedoms being protected; there in your morning yet for another day after day.

Race in America
The only “Race in America” that should be going on is “the race to the top” with each individual’s knowledge that “all men are created equal and endowed by the Creator” creates for them their desire in life. Here is my philosophy of “Race”. Done, finished, wrought with over stating the past. Running backward and never seeing what’s out in front of you, because you keep looking backward. Not going for it with your own abilities and desires to succeed, because you may be stuck in the PAST. STOP ! Stop listening to the people who would hold you back in their past. It’s over !

The argument of “Racism” in America is finished. With the 2008 election of Barack Hussein Obama for President of the United States, 43% of American voters basically said “it is finished.” The equality for all men has finally made it’s way and found its foundation in the United States. Those that continue to use “Racism” or any “ism’ are detractors from what is ahead for America. The poor are poor because they choose to be poor, and the rich are rich because they choose to be rich. The so called “middle class” choose which side of the table they wish to sit on; knowing clearly that “when you work, you eat.” “We the People” create our own Land of Plenty. We all just have to work.

There are men and women who today, make their way on keeping “Racism” or “Race” arguments alive. NO MORE, NOT EVER AGAIN ! We all know that Mr. Obama with his birth of duality of race has brought the argument to a halt. Never to raise it’s ugly head again. The sad reality however, is that Mr. Obama himself has kept the difference between “Race” alive, failing a society to “get over it”. He himself used “Race” in his 2008 race by being “Black” when he needed to be black and “White” when he needed to be white, dividing a country based on his own indecision of “who is Barack Obama”. If this sounds mean or cruel to you; then you are part of the problem, and should be part of the solution. Like a boil which comes to the top, pops and it begins to heal, finally healing completely. Just do it. There are those who would keep the “Race” argument going; but this Candidate will not be one of them. “It is time to move forward; without running backward.””Now hear me People. Racism has been with us over 60,000 years. It is nothing new to the human condition. It is nothing more than Xenophobic tribalism. Now you must understand that racism can only be practiced by groups and institutions, otherwise you have a couple of idiots.”

States Rights
States Rights is the cornerstone of our constitutional government. Liberalist and political correctness teach us that States Rights is an ugly term. When I am President, States Rights will be given top priority. The people of each state are the best qualified to run their states, develop their own set of laws, run their own schools. We don’t need big government dictating policy to the sovereign states of America.

Term Limits
It is time to put an end to career politicians. I favor a program for Congress of cutting their pay and sending them back to their respective states and districts. It is time to abolish all Congressional perks and special privileges. If it is good enough for the people, it is good enough for Congress. No special privileges. Public office is Public Trust. We need citizen politicians, not career politicians. After awhile they no longer work “for the people” but rather “for themselves and their special interests”.

I favor term limits with a maximum of 12 years of service in either house of Congress, and 12 years as a judge or justice on any federal court. In addition, I also believe that there should be a limit of 12 years on how long a person should be allowed to serve on the staff of a member of Congress. A clear example is what happened with the Obamacare. Although the majority of the citizens were crying out “No!” Congress and it’s staff believed they knew what they should put upon the citizens whether we as a Nation could pay for it or not. Always remember this embarrassment against your better judgement: “We have to pass it to know what’s in it”. (Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House at the time).
United States Constitution vs. Sharia Law

In the United States of America Sharia Law is NOT an option ! This is one of the most important issues in our Great Nation today. Look at this current Administration’s personal view of wanting to be “the leader of the World” which is not for “We the People” of the United States of America. The President of the United States is the leader of this Great Nation and none other, and with all that is in his Patriotic being; the meshing of two people’s laws can not be. Period. Of course “We the People” have interest in other parts of the World and participation with quid pro quo results; meaning we would work cooperatively with other countries. However first and foremost, we must do what is in the best interest of the United States and Her citizens. One Law, One People, for all. Sound familiar? That is because you have come to love for one to another; “One Justice for all”. Not mercy killings for some.

We have America’s laws, formulated, fortified and enforced under Our Constitution of the United States. Other countries can take examples from a prosperous and successful country like ours, who have lived under these laws since the beginning of this Country’s laws. Why would we want to lose our edge, having to consider someone else’s belief of a government of laws, confusing our laws with “their” laws? It only weakens our example of prosperity and posterity if we give our right of passage away. There are several Countries, who look endearingly upon us, firmly warning America of the problems they have had because of their openness in accepting other cultures, traditions, outside laws disguised as “their” religious views. We hail those people who do not want to live under the Law of the United States written within the walls of the Constitution of the United States of America; to go about their day, in their country of choice that adheres to “their” desire to fulfill “their” law.

Sharia Law in America is impossible as we certainly want to maintain our Laws of Governing, without confusion of meshing several “other” laws within American justice. The Constitution of Law which has worked without doubt in this Country of FREEDOMS for many generations now, must not be held hostage by another’s laws or system. There are many citizens of the United States who are loving charitable people, but who do not understand what Sharia Law is. It is a system. Some other believer’s system, not ours. It is the Muslim Law, which must not ever be intertwined in the United States of America with Our Constitution, which is one of the most important principles we must adhere to, for the sake of American citizens. In “protecting and defending” citizens who have come here legally to make their way in America, they will not go through “mercy killings” decrying “this is our Law” based on their Islam belief and their Sharia law. NO ! We have ONE LAW which is to protect and defend Our Constitution of the United States of America which will protect and defend all her Citizens !

NO LONGER can we permit people to be on Welfare Programs for more than a stipulated and documented period of time. It does not advance the well being of the recipient and it causes more problems in the long run when there is no push for generations of welfare recipients to better themselves by contributing. In the history of the United States, what we have found is that taking welfare instead of contributing by their working; only creates an unsustainable generation after generation of welfare recipients. This boils down to a group of people who are not paying taxes. And please don’t give me that they pay their taxes when they buy food, clothing, merchandise, gas and simple sundries; because Welfare in the first place is a “hand out”. Let’s call this what it is. What sort of Country are we when we force those that will work to give to people who refuse to work in order to contribute for the well being of all it’s citizens? We become an unbalanced and unfair country of problems. I have the absolute solution to this, and I guarantee everyone in America will be the better for it!

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