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Bible Verse for “We the People”
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their Land.” ~ 2 Chronicles 7:14

We the People
of America are taking our Country back! Get in ! Stay tuned !!!


“Dear America:

Because I love you so much and you are a People, a Belief, a Constitution and a Realization of a free and liberated way of living, consider this your personal letter to you, each and every one of you; so that you can understand how this choice is right for America. For this Country America, that we both love so much, we must have someone who is not afraid of the masses in detail, that will Stand up for America. We the People forever and always.

I accept the nomination for the Presidency of the United States of America. To you I vow with all that is in me; I will serve you. I am the People’s Servant and I ask you very directly and very sincerely with all due respect to you; “Will you help me take back America from those who would do things that have endangered Her very existence?” We the People together will stop the madness. Losing America is not an option! I’ve thought about this for a long time, through strong and hard searching and researching, then reading some more. After looking over the numbers of people that the Media would like for you to embrace, sometimes telling you who they were betting on like some racehorse they might have thought about or read about in it‘s past performance, they simply are banking on “betting the odds”. I reconciled that I was not in their form until now.

How simple and matter of fact is this? What does it take for every Patriot to realize, rich or poor, democrat or republican, Christian or Jew, or other, that “We the People” never want to lose our America and our Freedoms. While we all believe this and you, we, us, them love America, then it’s time. That’s right, the time is now; however, more now than ever before. We want to keep America. We want to keep our Liberty. We want to keep our Freedoms. Don’t take my word for it; ask yourself the most important question you could ask yourself right now. Sure, and while asking yourself the more important question, looking yourself in any mirror; ask this: ‘Do I want to keep the freedoms of this America? The last stand in America? My last stand?’

Do I want to keep the Country I was born in, our fathers were born in and my father’s father fought to keep? This Country I am assimilating into. The Country I value and have come to love not just be a part thereof? This question is not a difficult question, but it is certainly the question of our time. We no longer have to search for the right person who will lead this country to it’s independence of other countries supplying our Oil, Foods, Medicines, Liberty and Freedoms. It already belongs to “We the People”, and we are proud of Her and we won’t make excuses to anyone, anytime, ever again. There is no reason to. For many, many years since the founding of this Great Nation, America has held Her own, and “We the People” are taking it back for Her. “We the People.”

Many people, many countries and many ideals have tried to take Her away, tear Her down, wipe Her out. To impose on Her. With wars, and words and their beliefs and belief systems and philosophies, but we won’t give in and we will never give up “protecting and defending” Her. What an embarrassment it has been to have Administrations in these past years since two Inaugurations, apologize to anyone for the greatness we are. To bow to anyone, while holding the highest office in the Free World. You must realize that this is innate when you are born in the Land of Free and the Home of the Brave. The only thing we have ever had to consider apologizing for is for being so great and powerful, however, then through our Patriotic thought, we won’t. But then who in their right mind would apologize for the hard work, struggles and sufferings “We the People” have gone through to get us to the point of being so great? That’s why people are struggling to get in to America. Have you heard of anyone, any one, anyone at all struggling to get out? We just have some demands on those who make their ways to our Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave; that must be met in order to assimilate into a part of us. “US” the United States of America. Keeping US safe, secure, prospering and advancing to a greater extent of passing on to our children’s children – Liberty and Justice for All.

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SAMM & “We the People” for POTUS 2020

President Ronald Reagan spoke it so clearly when he said and couldn’t have been more sure about it than this: “This is the last stand on Earth” if we were to lose our Freedom. His full quote to America to fight for what we were born into and believed with all our soul, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth”; could not have been more pointed at you. It could not be more concise, more real and most true. More today than yesterday. And more tomorrow if you want to have a forever, for you and your children’s children. This message you read today cannot be any more plain and any clearer. This message can’t wait another day. IT is time for We the People to stand firm. “Together we rise. Divided we Fall”.

“These are the times that try men’s souls” hearkened Thomas Paine in one of his speeches about America‘s battles with our Government and securities for our Country. So many years later in similar words of wisdom; President Ronald Reagan again spoke then repeating several times in his speeches to an America who had to be saved from a Government referring many times to a government which gets too big. A very well founded quote of Mr. Reagan was “Man is not free unless government is limited.” Think about this. It’s about our Freedoms. Our Liberty.

So with that said, I sincerely and very respectfully yours, ask of you to vote for “US” this time. Make a conscious decision to get on board with a true believer in the Freedoms that this Great Country affords to all of us. I ask you to rise up against an establishment who would tell you when to get up, when to go to sleep, what to eat, what you shall or shall not do because you are so dependent on a Government who would take all of your rights away, stripping them little by little, one day at a time.

I vow to you to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America; to protect and defend Her and in so doing, protect and defend your rights as under the Bill of Rights, but more importantly because you are who you are.

I ask you NOT to allow the establishment as in the News Media, the Wealthy who buy votes, the influential on media, television and radio, and others who are not in love with this America the Great and Her Freedoms, but only their selfish reasoning; to tell you who you are, what you shall do or how to think. Do not permit them to say ‘She doesn’t have this or she doesn’t have that.’ I pray that you will decide against all odds. I ask you to work with me, for you will hire me, and although this is not about money or fame; that is to say I will have earned your Trust, we will finally do what must be done for all “the little people”!

As I have vowed to be “We The People’s Servant” I thank you for your Vote of Confidence in me and I vow with the breadth in me, serving this ‘One Nation under God’, asking of you to believe in “US” to “get us in”. In having those you have placed in to jobs of responsibility and for to govern your opportunities, more your Freedoms; to make them now accountable to you working for the monies you have paid out to them; that’s it. That’s what we want and must have. I vow to give you the Benefit of the programs and services you have bought and paid for. I vow to be the Leader of this Great Nation and with your approval and cooperation, and with all due respect; WE THE PEOPLE will TAKE BACK AMERICA!”

Your Humble Servant,

Thank you for sharing in our continuing Fight for Freedom for all those who have come with the intention of fighting for America’s Freedom & Liberty.

Together let us hold on to it.

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